Saturday, June 15, 2019

Ron Porter - LB

Ron Porter was an outside linebacker who played for the Eagles from 1969-1972. He was a starter for all 4 seasons.

Porter was the Colts' 5th-round pick in 1967. After 2+ seasons in Baltimore he was traded to the Eagles for a 3rd-round pick after playing 2 games in 1969.

Ron was installed as the right-side starter and started 9 of his 10 games for the Eagles in 1969. He started every game the following season, and 11 of his 12 games in 1971.

Porter moved to the left side in 1972, and started all 14 games in his final season with the Birds.

He was traded to the Vikings in September 1973.

Porter also played in the WFL with the Chicago Fire (1974) and Philadelphia Bell (1975).

This is Porter's only football card - in 1973, which he spent with the Vikings.

Where's Waldo Ron?
 (I assumed this was a 1969 pre-season photo, but Porter did not join the team until October.)

Note: I added Ron Goodwin to the Memorial Sidebar today.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Harold Jackson - WR

Harold Jackson was a starting wide receiver for the Eagles from 1969 to 1972, and was probably the best player on the team during his time there.

Jackson was the Rams' 12th-round pick in 1968. He rarely played (2 games) in his rookie season.

In July 1969 he was traded to the Eagles for disgruntled running back Izzy Lang. Jackson immediately assumed a starting spot in the Eagles' lineup, and caught 65 passes while leading the NFL with 1116 receiving yards in 1969.

Harold played every game in his 4 seasons with the team, starting all but 2 games. He made the Pro Bowl as an Eagle in '69 and '72.

In 1972 he led the NFL in both catches (61) and receiving yards (1048).

Jackson returned to the Rams in June 1973 as part of the Roman Gabriel trade. He made 3 more Pro Bowls in his 5-year 2nd stint with LA. He later played for the Patriots, Vikings, and Seahawks,

(Jackson was replaced in the Eagles' lineup by Harold Carmichael, who then led the NFL in catches and yards in his first season as a starter.)

Jackson's first 4 cards are in the 1970-1973 sets (although by 1973 he was with the Rams).

Where's Waldo Harold?

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Adrian Young - LB

Adrian Young was an outside linebacker for the Eagles from 1968-72. He played for the Eagles for 5 seasons, and was a starter for 1 season (starting all 14 games in 1970).

Young was the Birds' 3rd-round pick in 1968, out of USC. He was selected 2 rounds after his USC teammate Tim Rossovich. He started 3 games as a rookie, and 5 games in 1969. (He also missed much of the 1969 season with torn knee ligaments suffered in training camp.)

After starting all the games in 1970 on the left side, he only started 2 games in 1971 before missing most of that season with injuries. He played 1 game in 1972, then was cut in October.

He soon hooked on with the Lions and played 10 games for them. After the '72 season, he was traded to the Saints, but when waived in September 1973 he landed with the Bears, playing 2 games for them in his final NFL season.

Young also played with the WFL Hawaiians in 1974.

Young only had 1 Topps football card, which erroneously depicted punter Rick Duncan, who played for the Eagles in 1 game in 1968. (I'm not sure why Topps had a Rick Duncan photo handy, let alone mistaking him for Adrian Young.)

Another blogger created a "correction card" for Young in the 1971 style, using a photo I had found for him on the interwebs. (Young is getting blocked by future Eagles coach Rich Kotite.)

"Yo Adrian!"

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Audience Participation Time

Ok, let's see if there's anyone out there.

Who is your favorite Eagle from the 1966-75 timeframe? Let's exclude players that were still around for the Dick Vermeil (and the 1980 Super Bowl) era, as those will probably be no-brainers. (That means no Carmichael, Bergey, Gabriel, Sisemore, and Morriss.)

Since there is no poll widget, just use the comments.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Israel Lang - HB

"Izzy" Lang played for the Eagles for 5 seasons, and was their starting halfback for 2 seasons.

Lang was the Eagles' 18th-round pick in the 1964 draft. After 3 seasons behind Timmy Brown, Izzy was the team's starting halfback in 1967 and 1968. (Actually, Lang only started 7 games in '68. Rookie Cyril Pinder started 5 games that season.)

After contract squabbles, in July 1969 Lang was traded to the Rams for wide receiver Harold Jackson. (What a steal for the Eagles!)

The record shows Lang played 12 games for the Rams in 1969, but started none. His season totals were 1 rush for 1 yard. (I guess he was strictly a special teams player, stuck behind RBs Larry Smith, Les Josephson, Tommy Mason, and Willie Ellison.)

He only had 4 kick returns (3rd on the team), so maybe he was relegated to gunner?

In May 1970 he was traded to the Broncos, but never played for them.

Where's Waldo Izzy?

Monday, March 25, 2019

RIP - Nate Ramsey

Nate Ramsey, an Eagles'  defensive back from 1963-72, passed away on March 8, 2019 at age 77.

Ramsey was a starting DB for the Birds for all but part of his rookie season.

In December 1970 Ramsey was shot on the streets of Philadelphia. He missed 3 games that season, but recovered in time to start all 14 games the next year.

He finished his career with the Saints in 1973.


Saturday, March 23, 2019

Irv Cross - CB

Irv Cross was the Eagles' starting right cornerback from 1962-65 and again in his final season of 1969. He played 6 seasons for the Birds, 5 as a starter.

Cross was the Eagles' 7th-round pick in 1961. After a year on special teams, he started at right corner from 1962-65, making the Pro Bowl during the last 2 seasons.

In June 1966, Irv was traded to the Rams for defensive back Aaron Martin and running back Willie Brown. (Martin only played 2 seasons with the Eagles, and was their starting left cornerback in 1967. Brown only played 7 games for the Eagles in 1966, and had no rushes from scrimmage.)

Meanwhile, Cross started all but 2 games over the next 3 seasons for the Rams as their right cornerback. (Advantage Rams!) 

Irv returned to the Eagles for his final season of 1969, as one of 3 players acquired from the Rams in the Bob Brown trade.

He retired after starting all 14 games in 1969, and was an Eagles' coach for a short time before becoming a network broadcaster, working with Brent Musberger and Phyllis George, as I recall.

Cross had Eagles' cards in 1964, 65, and 66.

Where's Waldo Irv?

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Ed Blaine - G

Staying on the offensive line a bit longer, today I am featuring Ed Blaine, the Eagles' starting left guard from 1963-66. Blaine didn't have any football cards, so these photos found on the internet will have to do.

Blaine was drafted by the Packers in the 2nd round in 1962. He played in every game as a rookie, but started none.  (Some guys named Kramer and Thurston were ahead of him!)

In September 1963 he was traded to the Eagles. Ed played every game during his 4 seasons with the Birds, and started all but one game in '63 and one game in '66.

He retired after the 1966 season, at age 26. He had always intended to only play 5 seasons, then become a doctor. Eventually he became one of the country's leading pharmaceutical researchers.

Where's Waldo Ed?

Monday, February 18, 2019

Jim Ringo - C

Jim Ringo was a Hall of Fame center who played for the Eagles from 1964-67, starting all 56 games during that 4-year span.

Ringo was the Packers' 7th-round pick in 1953, and played for the Pack from 1953-63. He was their starting center in all but his rookie season, and made the Pro Bowl in his last 7 seasons with Green Bay. He was also named 1st-team All-Pro in 6 of those 7 seasons.

As the story goes, after the 1963 season he went into Vince Lombardi's office to negotiate a pay raise. Lombardi excused himself for a few minutes, and when he returned to his office, he notified Ringo that he had just been traded - and to the lowly Eagles to boot. (Lombardi pulled a similar move on Jim Taylor 3 years later.)

The Eagles also got fullback Earl Gros in the deal, in exchange for linebacker Lee Roy Caffey and a first-round pick that ended up being running back Donny Anderson.

Ringo anchored the Eagles' offensive line for the next 4 seasons, then retired. He made 3 more Pro Bowls as an Eagle. He had started EVERY game from 1955 to 1967.

Jim was the Buffalo Bills' head coach for the '76 and '77 seasons. After that he was an offensive line coach for the Patriots (1979-81) and the Bills (1984-88).

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1981. He was only the 2nd center to be inducted whose career was primarily after the 1940s. (Jim Otto having been inducted in 1980.)

Ringo passed away in 2007, 2 days before his 76th birthday.

These are Ringo's only Eagles' cards ('65, '66).

Where's Waldo Jim?

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Lane Howell - T

Book-ending the Eagles' O-line along with Bob Brown for the 2nd half of the 1960s was Lane Howell. 

Howell was the Giants' 15th-round pick in the 1963 draft. After two seasons as a reserve, he was traded to the Eagles for guard Pete Case.

Incidentally, the Eagles' top 3 picks in 1963 were all offensive linemen: 
#1 - G Ed Budde, who signed with the Chiefs and was a 7-time Pro Bowler in his 14-year career. 
#2 - C Ray Mansfield, who after 1 year as a reserve was sold to the Steelers and was their starting center through 1976. 
#3 -  C Dave Crossan, who didn't play for the Eagles, but was the Redskins' backup center from 1965-69. 

Howell played his final 5 seasons with the Eagles, and was the starting left tackle for all those years. He played 64 games for the Eagles, starting 58 of them.

Lane was cut at the end of training camp in 1970, The record shows he was claimed by the Rams, but released 2 weeks later, not having played any games for Los Angeles. (The record also shows the Eagles re-signed him in July 1971, but he didn't make the team.)

Howell passed away in January 2018 at age 76.

He had 2 brothers who also played in the NFL: Mike was a defensive back for the Browns from 1965-72, and Delles was a cornerback for the Saints and Jets from 1970-75.

Howell did not appear on any football cards issued by Topps or Philadelphia Gum. This is a custom 1966 card made by RetroCards, which I purchased along with 8 other 1966-style Eagles cards.

Where's Waldo Lane?