Saturday, August 31, 2019

Mike Morgan - LB

Mike Morgan was the Eagles' 17th-round pick in 1964. He played for the Eagles for 4 seasons, starting at left linebacker each year. From 1966 to 1970, he started just over half of his team's games.

He had no interceptions as a rookie, but did return a fumble for a touchdown. He had one interception in each of his other 3 seasons with the Birds.

Morgan was traded to the Redskins after the 1967 season, and then played for the Saints in 1969 and 1970.

He passed away in 1996 at age 54.

Morgan only had one Topps football card (1971, after his career was over). Retrocards has recently included him in their 1966 "Third Series" set.

Where's Waldo Mike?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ike Kelley - MLB

Dwight "Ike" Kelley was a middle linebacker by trade, but was used almost exclusively on special teams. (Maybe his 5'11" height had something to do with that?)

He was a 17th-round pick in 1966, and played in 67 games over the next 6 seasons.  He played every game in '66, '67, '69, and '71, and 11 games in 1970. (Ike missed the entire 1968 season, and 3 games in 1970 due to injury.)

He only had 7 career starts - 3 in each of his first two seasons, and 1 in his last season.

Kelley spent the entire 1972 season on injured reserve, and was cut during training camp in 1973.

Being a special teams player, Kelley never had a football card. Apparently Topps changed their thinking in 1971, since that set includes a number of kick returners who rarely started games (including the Eagles' Billy Walik).

Where's Waldo Ike?

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Harold Wells - LB

Harold Wells was an undrafted free agent from Purdue when he signed with the Eagles in 1965.

He played in every game for the Eagles for the next 4 seasons, including starting every game at right linebacker from 1966-68.

After 3 seasons as a regular, he was cut during 1969's training camp. That seems a bit odd, given the shortage of linebackers the team had during 1968.

The record shows he was quickly picked up and released by the Giants. The Falcons also took a look at him in 1970, but he never played again after his Eagles' career.

Wells had no football cards made by Philly Gum or Topps. This is a custom card by RetroCards that I just got last month as part of their 1968 Eagles set.

Where's Waldo Harold?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ron Medved - S

Ron Medved was drafted in the 14th round by the Eagles in 1966, after a 3-year career at the University of Washington as a running back and punter.

With the Eagles, he was a backup safety for 5 seasons (1966-70), playing behind Nate Ramsey and Joe Scarpati (and in 1970, Ramsey and the newly-acquired Steve Preece). He started 3 games in each of his first two seasons.

For part of the 1968 season, he was a starting outside linebacker, as injuries devastated the linebacking corps that year.

Medved started 6 games in 1970, which was a lucky break for him. (Long-time free safety Scarpati was traded to make room for 2nd-year man Bill Bradley, but Bradley missed most of the season with injuries. Safeties Ramsey and Preece each started 10 games, but Ramsey missed the final 3 games after being shot on the streets of Philadelphia.)

Despite his increased playing time in 1970 (and Ramsey moving to cornerback in 1971), Medved was waived during training camp in 1971, ending his career.

After reading recent accounts of Tim Rossovich following his death, it sounds like Medved may have been Tim's wingman for their off-field adventures.

As a career backup, Medved had no football cards.

Where's Waldo Ron?