Sunday, November 15, 2020

Jack Concannon - QB

Jack Concannon played for Boston College, and was the #1 overall pick in the 1964 AFL draft by the Boston Patriots. He was also the Eagles' #2 draft pick in the 1964 NFL draft. He chose to sign with the Eagles. 

Jack played sparingly in his 3 seasons with Philadelphia. He only played in 7 games (1 start) in his first 2 seasons. In 1966 he played in 11 games, but only had 2 starts. Not a very good showing for such a high draft pick, when your only competition is the under-achieving Norm Snead and journeyman backup King Hill. (Although Hill was also a first-overall draft pick - for the Cardinals in 1958.) 

Just before the 1967 season, the Bears' owner/head coach George Halas was looking to unload tight end Mike Ditka, who had become a thorn in his side.  Ditka was dealt to the Eagles, who offered the Bears their pick of any of their 3 quarterbacks. The Bears chose third-stringer Concannon over the other two n'er-do-wells. 

Concannon played for the Bears for 5 seasons, starting most of the games in '67 and '70, and a handful in '68 and '69. A broken collarbone curtailed his 1968 season, and he lost the starting job to Bobby Douglass in 1969. 

He started the first 3 games in 1971 then suffered a knee injury, which ended his stint as the Bears' starting QB. 

Jack spent the 1972 and 1973 seasons on the Cowboys' taxi squad, then made 2 starts for the Packers in 1974 as their 3rd-string QB behind John Hadl and Jerry Tagge. 

In late-October 1975, the Lions lost both Greg Landry and Bill Munson in the same game. The Lions signed Concannon to back up 3rd-string QB Joe Reed for the remainder of the season. He played in 7 games (no starts). 

Concannon passed away in 2005 at age 62. 

 Concannon only had one card as an Eagle (1965), but his 1968 card shows him in an Eagles' jersey.

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