Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ike Kelley - MLB

Dwight "Ike" Kelley was a middle linebacker by trade, but was used almost exclusively on special teams. (Maybe his 5'11" height had something to do with that?)

He was a 17th-round pick in 1966, and played in 67 games over the next 6 seasons.  He played every game in '66, '67, '69, and '71, and 11 games in 1970. (Ike missed the entire 1968 season, and 3 games in 1970 due to injury.)

He only had 7 career starts - 3 in each of his first two seasons, and 1 in his last season.

Kelley spent the entire 1972 season on injured reserve, and was cut during training camp in 1973.

Being a special teams player, Kelley never had a football card. Apparently Topps changed their thinking in 1971, since that set includes a number of kick returners who rarely started games (including the Eagles' Billy Walik).

Where's Waldo Ike?

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