Sunday, November 6, 2016


Welcome to my new Philadelphia Eagles blog! I'm going to take a walk through the lean years prior to the dramatic turnaround that started in 1976 with the arrival of coach Dick Vermeil, culminating in their 1980 Super Bowl appearance.

I started watching Eagles' football (and football in general) in 1970. Oddly enough, I began collecting football cards in 1967 (almost by accident - I was looking for late-summer baseball cards at a new store, and found football cards instead), but didn't pay any attention to the teams or games until 1970. 

So my Eagles' knowledge is strongest in the 1970-75 period, but I have some peripheral interest in the earlier years because of my card collection, and will be adding to that knowledge as I do research for this blog.

I will also mention that even though I didn't see any Super Bowls until SB V (Colts vs. Cowboys), I had watched those ESPN SB highlight shows that they ran every year leading up to the Super Bowl so many times that I can probably recite the starting SB lineups for the Packers, Chiefs, Raiders, Cowboys, Dolphins, etc.  In fact, a few years ago I bought the DVD box set of the first 10 Super Bowls.

My plan is to have posts about a specific year, individual player profiles, analysis of players at each position over the decade, and other trivia tidbits as I find them. Oh, it will also be an excuse to post my Eagles' cards as well.

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