Friday, November 25, 2016

Team Photo - 1969


Here is the 1969 squad, the final season for these jerseys with the double-stripes around the shoulders. There are 47 players in the photo. If I recall correctly, back then teams had 40 active players, plus a 7-man taxi squad. Starters are shown with positions below in uppercase.

Back row: Sam Baker (k-p), Lane Howell (T), Norm Snead (QB), Don Hultz (de), Mel Tom (DE), Fred Brown (te), Dave Lloyd (MLB), Gary Pettigrew (dt), Mark Nordquist (g), Mike Evans ( C), Ronnie Blye (rb), Cyril Pinder (rb), coach, coach.

Row 3: Joe Moss (coach), Charlie Gauer (coach), Chuck Sieminski (dt), Jay Johnson (lb), Dave Graham (t), Joe Carollo (T), Mike Dirks (dt), Gary Ballman (TE) Jim Skaggs (G), Wade Key (t), Ron Porter (LB), Ernie Calloway (DT), Tony Guillory (LB), Bill Bradley (s), Moose Detty (trainer), Dick Stanfel (coach).

Row 2: Bob Colonna (equip mgr), Leroy Keyes (RB), Nate Ramsey (SS), Ron Medved (s), Ben Hawkins (WR), Fred Hill (te), Floyd Peters (DT), Jerry Williams (head coach), Tom Woodeshick (RB), Adrian Young (lb), Tim Rossovich (DE), Don Chuy (g), Gene Ceppetelli (c ), Dick Hart (G), Vince Fazio (team doctor).

Front row: Irv Cross (CB), George Mira (qb), Joe Scarpati (FS), Gary Adams (db), Harold Jackson (WR), Chuck Hughes (wr), Kent Lawrence (wr), Ike Kelley (mlb), Harry Jones (rb), Bill Hobbs (lb), Al Nelson (CB).

Chuck Sieminski and Gary Adams did not make the team.

Wade Key spent the season on the taxi squad.

Notice the early-career jersey numbers for Mel Tom (58), Wade Key (55), and Ernie Calloway (57).

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