Monday, November 21, 2016

The Kickers and Punters

This is the 2nd post in a series where I will review the 1966-75 Eagles by position. Normally I won't be listing every player during this time span, but there aren't that many kickers, so here they are.


#38 Sam Baker - Baker joined the Eagles (from the Cowboys!) in 1964, and was their placekicker for the rest of the 1960s. He was also the punter through the 1968 season.

#3 Mark Moseley - The "Last of the Straight-on Kickers" was a 14th-round pick in 1970. He kicked only one year for the Eagles, partly because after the punter was lost for the season with injuries, Mark doubled up on the punting as well, and it messed him up. Regrettably, the Eagles lost patience after just 1 season, and Moseley was sent packing. He later went on to a long career with the Redskins from 1974-86.

#52 Dave Lloyd - I recall that after long-time middle linebacker Dave Lloyd lost his job to converted defensive end Tim Rossovich midway through the 1970 season, Lloyd kept himself busy for the rest of the year by kicking off (no FG or XP), thus lightening Moseley's load (after Mark was called upon to be the replacement punter).

#1 Happy Feller - The Eagles burned a 4th-round draft pick on Happy Feller in 1971. His stay was shorter than Moseley's. By mid-season the Eagles signed Tom Dempsey, and activated him for the final 5 games, replacing Feller. (I have his 1973 card as shown in the link, but can't find my 1973 binder right now.)

#19 Tom Dempsey - Dempsey previously kicked for the Saints, including a record 63-yard field goal in 1970. In a classic "What have you done for me lately?" move, the Saints cut him before the following season. The Birds picked him up during 1971, and he played the final 5 games in 1971 and every game through the end of 1974.

#16 Horst Muhlmann - The former Bengals kicker played for the Eagles for 2 1/2 seasons, beginning in 1975.


#10 King Hill - Hill joined the Eagles in 1961, and in addition to being the #2 QB through 1968, he was also the team's punter through the 1963 season. With the arrival of Sam Baker in 1964, they shared the punting chores for 3 seasons, roughly 65/35 in favor of Baker.

#38 Sam Baker - Baker shared the punting chores with Hill from 1964-66, and was the only punter from 1967-68. He relinquished the punting to rookie Bill Bradley in 1969.

#32 Rick Duncan - Duncan (pictured here on Adrian Young's 1971 card) punted in 1 game in 1968. He was also in Eagles' camp in 1971, but did not make the team.

#28 Bill Bradley - "Super Bill" was the team's free safety and punt returner from 1969-75. He was also the punter in '69, '70, '72, and for 4 games in '73.

#36, #12 Tom McNeill - McNeill was the team's punter in '71 and '73, and for 2 games in 1972. (In summary, Bradley and/or McNeill handled the punting from 1969-73, with some punting by Moseley late in 1970.)

#37 Merritt Kersey - Kersey assumed the punting job for 1974 and 2 games in 1975. It was his only NFL experience.

#6 Spike Jones - Jones took over the punting in game #3 in 1975, and stuck around through the 1977 season.

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